Have you ever caught yourself smiling uncontrollably while sitting in a yoga posture or crying in another one?

Perhaps you went to a yoga course without having a precise goal or an intention in mind. You just joined the others and practiced yoga. But, suddenly, the emotions started to surface, and you had no idea about what was going on.

When working with your body, you also work with your mind and your energy system, which serves as a bridge between the body and mind.

Yoga is a powerful practice that helps us grow inside and out and release what we no longer use, including negative emotions.

Many people store tension and negative emotions inside their bodies. Unfortunately, these can cause a variety of physical and mental illnesses.

Your hips are one of your body’s main areas that store this toxicity. But fortunately, there is a series of asanas through which your hips can be opened, and that help you release these emotions.

Here are the 7 Asanas that will help you release your negative emotions:

Warrior II Pose

This is a pose that expresses power and engages your entire body, including your hips. When you have a correct alignment, the tension that is stored in the joints is released. This tension can be both physical and emotional.

How to perform Warrior II Pose:

Lean on your front leg, bending your knee. Focus on the heel of the back leg and make sure it stays well on the floor. Feel how your hips rotate slightly outward. This movement will allow your hips to open.

Forward Bending Pose

Bending forward is actually great for the groin area and the inner part of the hips. When we spend a lot of time standing in a chair, whether we are in the office or in a means of transport, we fell our bodies stiff, which leads to rigidity and tension.

How to perform:

Start by placing one foot behind and lower it to the ground while lowering your back. When the rear knee is fixed, you can continue to push your hips forward. With every breath, allow your hips to open more and more.

Happy Baby Pose

Nothing sounds better when releasing negativity than a pose that contains in its name the word “happy.”

How to perform:

Lay on your back, bend your knees to your chest holding your hands on the outer or inner sides of your soles. Pull your feet using your hands until your knees touch the floor. Slightly move from one side to another so you can massage your spine.

Pigeon Pose

This posture is specially designed to open your hips, but it can be difficult for some.

How to perform:

First of all, make sure you are aware of your posture: your hips must be aligned and the back leg extended, aligned with the hips and the sole extended.

Inhale to stretch your spine and chest, and then let everything go while exhaling. At this point, push your truck toward the mattress. When you reach the mattress, allow yourself to be relaxed and the negative energy will be released.

Garland Pose (Malasana)

Squats allow your body to open. This pose permits you to stretch your thighs and lower back.

How to perform:

Keep your feet slightly farther than shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and perform the squat until your hips get close to the floor. To increase the stretch, bring your palms in the center of your heart and push your knees with your elbows.

Standing Pose

One of the most beautiful things at the Standing Yoga Poses is that they require from you to have a concentrated mind. It is an opportunity to let your thoughts go and concentrate.

How to perform:

Lift one of your legs and place your ankle on the opposite leg (above your knee). Bend a little bit as if you were sitting on a chair. Make sure that the raised leg is bend for safety. You can bring your palms in the center of your heart and even press your sole and knee of the bent leg using your elbows.

This movement will allow your hips to open even more as you bend.


This pose is simply amazing for opening your hips, but it requires a brief warmup before being done.

How to perform:

Remain in a sitting posture. Bend your left knee. Place your right knee above the left one and bend it. This is a pretty intense stretching pose.

When you manage to open your hips, you’ll notice that your body will feel more relaxed. Once you release that negative energy stored inside, with the help of these asanas, your creativity, spirituality, and sexuality will naturally be expressed.

I encourage you to try these seven asanas to open your hips, and you will see how your body will become lighter, freer, and your mood will change for the better!

Have a blessed day!